The complete Vitora Tyre range of tyres, for whatever type of car or van you have.
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All season touring tyre designed for premium touring vehicles.

Superior tread pattern designed for a quiet, smooth ride.
Specially formulated compound optimised for long wear.
High Void circumferential grooves offer excellent hydroplaning resistance.
Jointless spiral wound cap ply maximises ride refinement and durability.


Premium 4X4 All-Terrain which ensures safety on and off the road.

Block tread design ensures outstanding off-road traction.
Open shoulder grooves for optimal water dispersion, and excellent traction and stability in wet conditions.
Wide tread footprint ensures safer braking and even tread wear.
Deep tread grooves ensure superior self-cleaning ability and prolonged tyre life.


Premium SUV tyre designed for superior performance.

Purpose built SUV tyre designed to give discerning drivers superior performance.
Excellent wet braking and cornering.
Optimal comfort and treadwear levels.
Excellent rim protection from curb and gutter scrapes.
Designed to provide safety, driver satisfaction and exceptional value for money.


Premium asymmetric high performance tyre.

Asymmetrical tread design for High Performance Capabilities.
Outstanding Wet & Dry Traction.
Inside shoulder with high void ratio design provides excellent water dispersion.
Optimised Tread Block and pitch sequence offers a quiet, comfortable ride.


The suburban family-friendly tyre.

Four circumferential grooves ensure excellent water dispersion and limit aquaplaning.
Solid centre rib for high speed stability and optimal ride comfort.
Frequent and variable sipes in the tread design ensure a quiet and comfortable ride.
Flat surface contact area ensures even tread wear and prolonged tyre life.


Premium commercial/light truck tyre.

Double Steel Belted Construction for long lasting wear and uniformity.
Continuous shoulder ribs provide smooth, even tread wear and increased tread life.
Premium rubber compound resists cuts, punctures and abrasions.

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Vitora is a vibrant brand of high quality performance tyres, offering the ultimate experience in comfort and safety, enhancing your driving experience and ensuring peace of mind.

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